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Ah! So you want to know what I do and how that might be useful to you! Great! This is the second step towards a great collaboration! So go on, dig deeper!

And don't forget to e-mail me! I love receiving e-mails! And I reply to them too!
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I do graphic design and illustration. I also paint, sketch and make greeting cards. In the "other" world, I am an Innovation Consultant. (more about innovation and consulting on the ASIDE Innovation Blog). Lets stick to design here!

I use Adobe Photoshop for all my graphics - the digital kind. I am also trying to learn Alias Maya and Adobe Illustrator. (for fellow designers - those are tools of the trade - for clients, those are software that the developers themselves cannot fully explain!)
I also draw and paint by hand.

When I say graphic design and illustration, I mean the following:
  • portraits - you give me a photograph and I do a digital portrait
  • greeting cards - you want a design that you can then print at home or ask your printer to do it
  • game graphics - I am still trying this
  • paintings - abstract art and surrealism - these are originals
  • design for ads - you need a graphic / design for your ad
  • prints - you need a print design for a t-shirt
  • posters - you need a poster designed for your company / event
  • logo - you have a brand new company and you want a logo that represents you!
  • business card - the new baby also needs a business card
  • letterhead - and the letterhead for the baby - don't forget that!
  • color - you need help with colors - effects of colors and what compliments what
  • photo conversion - any photograph converted to digital art
  • photography - I also do some photography but I doubt it will be useful to you!
  • and of course if you just need to discuss an idea, e-mail me!